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About Us

With the changes in healthcare regulations and incentives to convince providers to adopt electronic medical records, we were convinced that the right software can make or break a practice. As of 2012, the replacement of an EMR was higher than 20% and the failure rate for an EMR was around 50%. We found that PrimeSUITE by Greenway Medical was showing up in many of the replacement decisions. Many providers might go to a less expensive, or free product, however, cheap might end up being expensive when it distracts the workflow and hinders efficiency within the practice. Many providers have come to realize that the right question isn’t “How much is the software?”, but “How much will it save me?”. This more appropriate approach is where PrimeSUITE shines, and for many consecutive years, the KLASĀ® Greenway EMR review proves it.

Some of our competitors have decided to take the customer service and support off-shore in an effort to make the most money for themselves and their stock holders. At GreenwaySoftware.com we have a different approach: hire the best talents right here in the USA to provide physicians and their practice staff with customer service that is the cream of the crop. The ability to pick up the phone and speak to a pleasant and knowledgeable technician when you can’t open a patient chart is priceless. Our technicians live in the same environment as you do and have experience working in a practice. They understand how important it is to get you up and running. At GreenwaySoftware.com, we dont just have the best software from PrimeSUITE, but we back it up with the most pleasant, friendly and knowledgeable technicians we can find in the USA.