Why on earth in todays age should a patient have to fill out paper work in a practice’s waiting room? They repeat some of the same information page after page while using a pen that has germs from being passed from one patient to another. Now close your eyes and imagine the patient or a trusted family member being able to fill out all the intake forms from the privacy of their own home. The speling will be correct because the patient can spell the information better than a staff member. Now imagine that the patient can make their own appointment requests, submit prescription refill requests and collaborate with the provider. What if patients were able to pre-pay the co-payment or pay an outstanding statement? Now open your eyes and see the secure Greenway patient portal.

All of the above features will not only help your practice and reduce the stress in the office, but it will also improve your patient relationship, patient retention and patient care. No wonder those requirements qualify you to achieve meaningful use and qualify a practice to join a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) or Accountable Care Organization (ACO). The industry believes the patient portal is one of the key ingredients that will improve patient coordinated care and outcome while cutting the costs of healthcare.

Greenway patient portal is compatible with Microsoft HealthVault® which makes it much easier for a patient to send information to the desired provider without omitting crucial information or repeating the same information as they receive healthcare services from one office to another. The Greenway patient portal improves accuracy and consistency.