Patient-Center Medical Home (PCMH) is about care coordination and utilizing technology to improve care. How can physicians decide if they need to form a Patient-Center Medical Home (PCMH)? Many physicians may be thinking they already have. However, Patient-Center Medical Home (PCMH) is a structured program that will help to improve coordination which results in lower healthcare costs while incentivizing the physicians for outcome.

We can help by:
1. Showing you how to become a Patient-Center Medical Home (PCMH)
2. Showing you how to submit certification
3. Showing how you benefit by becoming a Patient-Center Medical Home (PCMH)

What country has the highest costs while only ranking 20 – 40 globally on outcomes? You guessed it! It’s the United States of America.



The following PCMH Transition video is a collaboration between NCQA and Merck for clinicians who are interested in PCMH Recognition.
PCMH Transition

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